About Us

For well over a century Hawick has been a mill town with a successful textile industry, supplying the world with the best knitwear available. At Hawick Knitwear, we are at the very heart of the industry and can trace our proud history of manufacturing back to 1874. ᅠ

Ever since then we have been perfecting the art of designing and producing knitwear to the highest possible quality standards. All garments are made here in our factory by skilled craftsmen and craftswomen with decades of experience behind them. The Hawick Knitwear brand encapsulates this incredible heritage.

With an average of 7,000 units being produced from our factory every week, we are the largest knitwear manufacturer by production terms in the UK today.

We have a private well that pumps pure, crisp, Scottish water into the factory from a burn that runs nearby. This purity of water is important to us as we use it for washing our sweaters to release their natural softness during the manufacturing process. This ensures that you get a jumper that stays soft and comfortable for years to come.ᅠ